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Call To Action Recap

Tuesday, November 29th, we had a potluck and “Call to Action” meeting. There was great energy in the building as we broke bread together. I felt like I was in a time warp as I observed children running around the tables in the church foyer. As a pastor’s kid, I fondly remember being at church potlucks and being with the kids from other families running around as if the Holy Spirit was moving us. It was a blessed night!

I realize that some of you could not attend. Things like basketball practice, scheduled meetings, sickness, the weather, and other essential family activities prevented us from having 100% attendance. Knowing that some could not come, we filmed the presentation and you can access it below. It will begin at the 6:45 mark which is the start of the actual presentation.

My goal for the evening was to call the school community to action. Using scripture in Joshua 3, I pointed out that the priest led the Israelites to cross the Jordan river by stepping into the water despite the danger of a river in its flood stage. God rewarded the action taken in faith by the priests, and He stopped the flow of water so two million people could cross into the promised land. As you listen to my presentation, remember that our small school is rapidly growing because God protects and provides for CRCA. We know He will continue to do so because we are ACTING in faith.

I also gave you information to help inspire you to take action in whatever way you can to help the school grow. Some critical topics from the night included our progress over the last four years, why Christian education is essential, a look ahead for CRCA, a reinforcement of our vision, and some ways you can partner with the school.

Here are a few opportunities you can help us with as we continue to do God’s work building a school for the faith-based community in Castle Rock.

  • Volunteer to help plan for the 5th annual charity golf tournament.
  • Join the team of parents who are planning the winter gala.
  • Become an ambassador for the school who helps us market our presence in the community. The goal here would be to increase enrollment. Remember, we give you a $250 tuition credit when a new family enrolls at CRCA because of your efforts. We do have marketing materials that you can use when you are talking with potential families.
  • Please give us your recommendations of potential businesses, churches, or community members who might support the school. I will talk to those who you recommend!
  • Help identify and write grants.

Please join me in my prayer, asking God to continue to bless CRCA. Ask Him to expand the school so we can impact more children who will become the next generation of transformational servant leaders. Let me know what you can do!

Open Enrollment - Refer a family for $250 credit
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