Warriors Walking Worthy ・ Ephesians 4

Message From Our Head Of School

Welcome to Castle Rock Christian Academy

Our Head of Schools, Dr. James Calhoun, welcomes your interest in a Christian Education with this important message

Now more than ever, our society needs a new generation of leaders equipped to face the many complex challenges in a world filled with immorality and evil. 

At CRCA, we cultivate a school climate and culture that nurtures and supports students as they gain the knowledge and wisdom needed to be successful, both spiritually & academically. 

The essential part of our work is to create a Christ-centered educational environment. We recognize that there are Biblical truths that reinforce the character and leadership developments of our students. Our curriculum supports learning and reinforces the importance of our unalienable rights: life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. 

Finally, we believe in a personalized learning environment that honors each child’s unique gifting, stimulates curiosity, develops critical thinking, and fosters lifelong learning. 

As you prayerfully consider the educational options for your child(ren), we hope you can partner with our mission + vision and join the Warrior Family.

For additional information you can contact me, Dr. James Calhoun at jcalhoun@crcacademy.org

Open Enrollment - Refer a family for $250 credit
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