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Lower School

Lower School

Foundations of faith

The Lower School, for K-6th grades, lays the foundations for both faith and academics. 

Students are learning how to trust God, how to use the Bible, and what it means to be a Christian. Through weekly Chapel and Discipleship, and a Christian curriculum, students learn early on how God is a part of every area of our lives. 

The Disciples Of Tomorrow

Our Faculty Family at Castle Rock Christian Academy, a private Christian school, is committed to cultivating deep spiritual relationships with the students who will become the disciples of tomorrow.

It is our mission to equip students to become transformational servant leaders. This requires an intentional environment where your child can learn the skills and develop the confidence needed to live a strong, successful Christian life. Take a look at how this looks in our Lower School:

The Warrior Journey

The K-6 Journey

At CRCA, we are equipping Warriors spiritually, in character, in leadership, and academically and impacting eternity. This intentional process starts in the formative years where students learning to trust that God is who he says he through teachings as well as seeing Godly character modeled by our staff.


Personalized & Christ-Centered

The academic learning environment plays a significant role in a child's ability to thrive. Learning can only take place if a child feels safe and "seen." At CRCA, we see every child and meet them where they are. Our teachers provide personalized learning opportunities to ensure each student is appropriately challenged and supported as they build a strong academic foundation. In our Lower School classrooms, you will find:

  • A thriving, connected partnership Lower schoolers serve our community and one another in age/developmentally appropriate ways. They also engage with our upper school students who volunteer as reading buddies, PE playmates and classroom aides. Parents and local community partners are invited to be a part of our school events, too!
  • Active Learning We are committed to making sure students love learning, and our Lower School teachers utilize hands-on learning, small groups, off-site learning opportunities, workshops, and more to facilitate both differentiated instruction and collaborative learning.
  • Biblical Worldview & Integration God's hand can be seen in every aspect of life and learning. Our teachers model and teach godly perspectives and lessons daily in every subject and teachable moments. We also teach about God in weekly Chapels, Bible, and Discipleship classes.
  • A Safe and Loving Environment Every staff member has a powerful testimony in Jesus Christ, and seeks to shower each child with His love and grace daily. As a school community, our child’s physical and emotional well-being is our top priority. We are equipped with an on campus security team, trained staff, surveillance cameras, a buzzer entry system, and all guests are required to provide valid ID at check-in.


Nationally Recognized Christian Curriculum & Biblical Worldview

Our collection of nationally recognized Lower School curriculum is developmentally appropriate yet rigorous enough to prepare students for middle school while also making a Biblical connection. Our program also develops executive functioning and life skills at the Intermediate level. At CRCA our staff works to ensure students aren’t simply memorizing facts to pass a test; they are learning how to learn and developing a deep conviction for producing excellent work and making real-world connections to impact the world around them.

Core Classes: Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar), Math, Science, Social Studies, and Bible.

Weekly Specials: Art, Discipleship, Music, PE, Spanish

Students feel a strong sense of belonging as they are surround by a community of believers and staff who reinforce the biblical values taught at home. Each week begins with Chapel and each day begins with prayer. Chapel provides opportunities for learning and corporate worship, and regular service projects allow students to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those around them and in the community.

Learning Outside the Classroom
Each year, field trips complement our curriculum. These are greatly anticipated by our students.

Service & Outreach

Transformational Servant Leaders

At every stage of the Lower School journey, students are able to serve others. Leadership is possible for every age, and when given the chance, the little ones show up big time! In sixth grade, our "Bridge" year, students participate in larger, more extensive outreach activities to prepare them for the leadership and responsibilities required of them in mid school. 

Activities include writing cards to sick classmates, making care packages for families in our school community experiencing a life altering situation, serving in the Food Bank, participating in drives for backpacks or canned goods, and more!


Our Greatest Resource

Our Staff truly is the greatest resource that Castle Rock Christian Academy has. Each of them deeply love the Lord and truly love each student.

7th-8th Grade are at our Upper Campus

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